Preschoolers Art, Supplies and Activities for Fun and Learning

When working with preschoolers, there are many things that can enhance their learning. Often art projects or craft projects help the preschooler learn while they are having fun. The following are some preschoolers art and activities that you can use.

preschool art child drawing

Preschoolers love anything that has to do with animals. So it is beneficial to teach preschoolers art and activities that focus around a theme of animals. One great activity that can go with a reading book is creating a fish out of a paper plate. After reading a book about fish, the child cuts a paper plate into the shape of a fish and decorates it accordingly.

Another way to teach preschoolers art and activities is to let them learn through music. This is great when trying to teach something like the alphabet, colors, or things like hygiene. If you want to try something unique, have your preschooler make stained glass by using crayon shavings, wax paper, and an iron. Of course, the adult would work the iron and ironing board modeling safety.

While preschoolers art and activities often seem as though they are disjointed or lack substance, many of the activities teach basic eye-hand coordination. Another great activity that teaches math in a nonthreatening way is to do basic origami. This ancient art of folding paper gets young children listening to instructions, watching, and creating mathematical folds in a manner that is fun and enjoyable.

Preschoolers art and activities need to be focused for short time spans in order to keep up with the attention of needs of four and five year olds. By bringing in color, activity of the mind and body, as well as art that creates a variety of themes, young children will learn more than you thought possible.

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